One Million Dollars

Meet Amanda McCormick of Maryville, Tennessee.

Amanda was out shopping with a relative last week, and they decided to stop at the Dollar General to pick up a few things. Oh, did I mention they were shopping with a $1 million bill?

A sheriff’s deputy dispatched to the Dollar General for a “suspicious incident,” spoke with Amanda McCormick, 39, who possessed the counterfeit bill. McCormick, who lives about four miles from the store, was accompanied by a relative, Linda Johnson, 61.

McCormick told the cop that she received the $1 million bill “in the mail from a church,” but was unable to provide additional information about the purported house of worship’s largesse, as first reported by The Daily Times.

As detailed in a Blount County Sheriff’s Office report, McCormick had a “shopping cart full of various items from inside the store, including several gift cards to various businesses.” McCormick claimed she was “going to use the money to purchase items for care packages for homeless individuals.”

I’m not sure which is more ridiculous; the fact this woman thought Dollar General would have change for a million dollar bill, or the fact she thought a church would just send out a million dollars to a random person.

7 thoughts on “One Million Dollars

  1. RG – While driving through Tennessee to pick up Kyle, I saw more than a few really pretty women. She was not one of them.

    Ronni – I guess she needed candy and soda more than say diamonds and gold bricks.


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