Kamala Harris Headed To The Border

Border Czar and hilariously unlikeable “Vice-President” Kamala Harris has finally scheduled a trip to border. The illegitimate vice-president is excited to see the mountains, elk, and sample a bit of poutine.

Vice-President Kamala Harris, a.k.a. the Border Czar, is scheduled to travel to the border this week. No, not that border – she’s going to a state on the northern border. Harris will visit New Hampshire Friday. Her trip will include one or more stops in the Laconia-Plymouth area. The question is, why?

Specific events or locations for the visit have not been finalized. Why would Kamala Harris deliberately put herself in a position to go to New Hampshire when she is being begged to visit the southern border, to see the migrant crisis first hand? She could be on the receiving end of fluffy stories about her compassion for the children in custody, maybe shed a tear or two on camera, surround herself with local Democrats who blame the bad Orange Man for the problem. Instead, she is going to New Hampshire. There is no crisis on the Canadian border.

At least one GOP member had the balls to call out Kamala’s ridiculous trip north.

New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Stephen Stepanek rightly called Kamala out when the news surfaced Sunday evening. He said there is no crisis on the northern border, she should be going to the southern border. Apparently, he has knowledge of an anticipated appearance by Senator Hassan with Kamala.

Normally I would think a “Border Czar” refusing to visit the southern border would be hilarious, but in this case it’s sad and pathetic. There is a crisis at the border – even the Illegitimate President acknowledged that fact – and Kamala Harris has no desire to see what she and Biden have wrought.

Also, this isn’t Soviet Russia – yet – so stop using the term “Czar.” Jackasses.

11 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Headed To The Border

  1. Just 3 months into their term, and Kamala seems to doing all that she can to prove that she’s just as stupid and clueless as Joe. God help us all.

    One other thing; I wish people would call the situation at our southern border by a term that more accurately depicts the nature of what’s actually going on: it’s a humanitarian disaster.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – Nah, let her get quarantined in Canada for a few years.

    Veeshir – She can’t be seen with BLM people until she gets the nomination.

    Paul – It’s only a humanitarian disaster when a Republican is in office. Otherwise, it’s a nothingburger.

    Doc – Well, I’m sure she broke enough beds.


  3. It’s only a humanitarian disaster when a Republican is in office. Otherwise, it’s a nothingburger.

    Sad but true.


  4. When do we start doing what they did in Russia when they had Tsars…you know take them out in the woods and remove them.


  5. How to end the border crisis: Put up her photograph every 10 feet from coast to coast, facing south. The illegals would crawfish all the way back home.


  6. Paul – Exactly.

    Gary – Nicholas II probably deserved it, but there was no reason to slaughter the children. I sincerely hope Lenin and Stalin are rotting in Hell.

    TXNick – Her face would scare them, but when they learn how often she opened her legs, they’ll run for the border.


    1. Wyatt, true the children had done nothing to be slaughtered…but the blood-thirsty don’t know when to stop. Wonder how the revolution would have been viewed if they let the family live and go into exile


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