True Detective Stories

Ah, Diego the Idiot Detective; it seems he will eventually be the death of me.

The dullard waddled in to work Monday and, as always, stopped at my desk to bore me with some inane chatter. Before he could open his pie hole, I stopped him, and reminded him he had a court case. It was listed Must Be Tried, so attendance was mandatory.

For some reason, this dolt lost his mind.

“What? Since when? Nobody told me I had court today!”
“I checked the KTNQ system. You’re right there in black and white.”

“This is bullshit. I know nobody notified me!”
“Diego, you do realize that no one has been personally notifying us about court since the Virus protocols began? You also realize you can 1. check the KTNQ Court Listings from your terminal, and 2. walk to my desk, look in our squad box and pick out your notices? I mean, you get that, right?”

Diego turned and walked back to his desk, but not before killing my brain cells.

12 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. This clown really wants to do as little work as possible and still collect a salary and benefits. Hang in there and keep counting down.


  2. Ronni – He knew we were going to be short today, and told us he was supposed to get his second Covid shot. My sergeant and I agreed he would call out sick today. Guess what? We were right.


  3. He learned from his mommy that if you whine loud & long people will do the task you don’t want to do. Just to shut you up.


  4. MelP – It’s a lot quieter today, and when the supervisors walk the halls, they don’t have to see Diego’s feet on the desk as he’s watching shows on his phone,


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