A Severe Case Of The Munchies

An Oklahoma man led police on a miles-long chase after he stole a Doritos truck which was idling at a gas station. I guess it’s safer than stealing an armored car.

According to police in Oklahoma City, 34-year-old Joshua Karpe stole a Doritos delivery truck on March 21. The delivery driver had pulled up to a gas station and left the vehicle idling as he went inside. That was all Karpe needed as he jumped inside and took off, the Frito Lay employee noticing the truck was across the street in another parking lot. When he approached the stolen vehicle, Karpe took off.

As Karpe led police on a wild yet slow chase, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Garfield County Sheriff’s Office assisted. As the man reportedly smashed into several law enforcement vehicles and the chase continued, backup from Enid police joined in.

Officers eventually an officer was able to shoot out the front driver’s side tire on the Doritos truck, which requires amazing marksmanship. Karpe was forced to stop, the chase ending just before Enid city limits. Somehow, nobody was hurt during the whole ordeal. There’s no information about how many bags of Doritos Karpe consumed during the chase.

If this dumbass wasn’t a dumbass, he would have taken the truck, parked it behind a building, and spent a week or so eating all the Cool Ranch Doritos.

6 thoughts on “A Severe Case Of The Munchies

  1. Too bad he didn’t wait until 4/20 for annual pot day. Would definitely have the munchies that day if he had celebrated with a doobie or two or three.


  2. Finally! A story in the news I can relate to!
    And a note on: “shoot out the front driver’s side tire”. When Broderick Crawford did it on ‘Highway Patrol’ in the 50’s, he had a much easier job of it. They didn’t have steel belted radials. At high speeds, these can be like Superman’s cape. Spike strips have a much better chance, having that whole gravity thing working for them.
    So when you hear someone ask, “Why didn’t the cop just shoot out his tires?” (Or tyres, if he’s British), just look at them and say, “Bless your heart!”

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  3. Ronni – Dude looks like he smokes a lot. Like Snoop Dog levels.

    Mike AKA Proof – Like when people ask me why don’t we just shoot his leg. 1. It’s very difficult if the subject is moving. 2. Femoral artery.

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    1. Also, John Browning’s 1911A1, which was developed for fighting in the Philippines, where American soldiers would fatally shoot drug-hopped-up combatants, who kept coming, and were still capable of inflicting mortal wounds themselves as they were dying.
      The .45 knocked them down and they stayed down.

      There was a story about this woman who fled into the attic, shooting her home intruder five times before he left. He couldn’t see her gun (a revolver), and thought she might have another ten rounds in the magazine, so he left the house, went out to his car, started to drive away before collapsing.

      Unless you’re a trained sniper or assassin, one shot/one stab = one kill is pretty much movie fiction.

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    2. Whenever I see or hear a comment about “shoot them in the leg” from people without a clue I wish they’d have the opportunity to try and stop a femoral bleed. Then check myself, because truly I shouldn’t wish that on anyone.

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  4. These people saying shoot in the leg or arm are the same ones who say just shoot the gun out of their hand..and then will be the first to demand the cops head when they do that, miss (or the bullet goes straight through the limb) and then hit a bystander. Getting so I don’t want to live on this planet anymore


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