The Karen Principle

Two Lancashire police officers were reprimanded after a British Karen claimed they spent twenty minutes kissing in a parking lot. The male officer was on duty, the female officer was not.

Two police officers have apologised after they were caught kissing “for 20 minutes” in a Tesco car park. The incident in Blackburn, Lancashire, involved one off-duty and one on-duty police officer.

A witness – who filmed part of the incident – claimed they saw them kissing for 20 minutes and has criticised their behaviour.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time getting upset over this. It was improper, but as long as the officer wasn’t ignoring radio calls, I couldn’t care less what he was doing.

Lancashire Police says the officers have been spoken to and have apologised for their conduct on Good Friday. A spokesman for the force described it as an “isolated incident”.

It’s probably more improper on Good Friday, but again, cops are being hunted in most countries nowadays, and I’ll give these two a little leeway. The photo above is not the officer, but you can see her – face is pixelated – at the link. In my opinion, the female officer’s body is pretty fantastic.

3 thoughts on “The Karen Principle

  1. Considering the way Brit over-police everything except crime, I’d be happy if that’s all they did.
    I mean, that way I might be able to buy a bread knife or question global worming BS.


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