Feel-Good Friday

Most of the Feel-Good Fridays have been heartwarming tales of people doing good things for others. Today’s story is infinitely better, because today’s subject is not only a remarkable person, but a literal superhero.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mayur Shelke.

When railway worker Mayur Shelke saw the 6-year-old boy fall into the path of the oncoming train, instinct took over. “I ran towards the child but also thought that I might be in danger too. Still, I thought I should save him,” Shelke told Asian News International. “The woman (with the child) was visually impaired. She could do nothing.”

A new father himself, Shelke felt impelled to act. “The child who [slipped and fell] is someone’s precious child, too,” he told Times Now News. My child is the apple of my eye, so must that boy in peril have been to his parents. I just felt something stir within me and I rushed without thinking twice.”

The entire remarkable incident might have gone unremarked—except that the whole thing was caught on CCTV. (Shelke reports he hadn’t even mentioned it at home fearing he’d be scolded for putting himself in harm’s way.)

If anything, Shelke should be put in money and gratitude’s way. The man should have a highway named for him, and he should be surrounded by fabulous babes for the rest of his life.

You can see the video below the fold. Dude is a straight-up hero.

5 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. He is truly a hero. I got a lump throat after watching the video. That little boy and his parents are so very fortunate.


  2. Ronni – I’d lose my mind if that happened to one of my kids.

    Cathy – No question.

    TXNick – Faster than I thought he would be.

    Sully – Yep.


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