“I’m Huge, Jerry!”

While I did lose a lot of weight during Wyatt’s Big Covid Adventure, I’m trying my best to get back into shape after sitting on a couch for two-plus weeks. Although now, I could just spend a few bucks and purchase a muscular body suit

People may be feeling daunted about returning to the gym after letting their fitness slide during the Covid-19 lockdown, which saw all gyms forced to close for months. But a selection of retailers have come up with a hilarious solution for people who want to look ripped without the hassle of months of working out and dieting to achieve their goals.

Chinese online shopping website Taobao is selling Smitzen silicone body suits to give people the appearance of looking shredded without having to leave the couch.

If you would rather walk around with a thick layer of silicone on than head back to the gyms after lockdown, then these body suits could be the perfect solution.

Of course, the suit is riddled with Covid, but it’s worth it to look so ripped.

7 thoughts on ““I’m Huge, Jerry!”

  1. I don’t think I could stretch that ab over my 46 inch waste*.

    *Not a typo. And my waste is a lot skinnier than mah belluh. I hate being fat, but not enough to give up vodka and garlic bread.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – I’d say the same but since I still can’t lift weights, that would be a big fat lie.

    CJB – The building blocks for s perfect meal.

    Jenn – Over and over again, I suppose. 🙂


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