Wince Harry Skips Queen’s Birthday

This story is a few days old, but I thought it was important to post. I have always been an admirer of Queen Elizabeth II. She is arguably the last of the iconic world leaders; a tough woman who was always a staunch supported of the States. So when I read that her despicable grandson decided to fly home instead of celebrating the Queen’s birthday, I lost my mind.

Prince Harry is back in sunny California, after crossing the pond to attend the funeral of his grandfather Prince Phillip on Saturday.

Harry’s US return means he won’t be on hand to celebrate his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday Wednesday, as he had considered doing.

The “conflicted” prince thought it was more important to return home to his pregnant wife, Meghan Markle, and toddler, according to the article.

Uh-huh. I’m fairly certain Markle has servants roaming the house 24/7 who wait on her every command, so there was no reason for Harry to rush out of England. It’s disappointing how Harry turned out, because William and Kate have been exemplary since their wedding.

I mean, congratulations on your D-actress gold-digger, but she’s making you look like a jackass. Your grandmother is pushing 100 now. Maybe you could take a moment from your “busy lifestyle” to spend some time with your grandmother. Jerk.

10 thoughts on “Wince Harry Skips Queen’s Birthday

  1. Mike – Harry takes after his father. I assume Will was adopted.

    Cathy – Also a possibility. Probably made her day better.

    Veeshir – Good point. She’s not even that attractive, IMO.


  2. Guess his “accident” will have to wait…I mean you don’t diss a grandmother and most assuredly you don’t diss one who can send a OO to deal with an annoyance.


  3. Couple things about your post. “Wince” is good, but even if it’s not a perfect rhyme, I’d say “Priss” Harry is more apt, even considering his “military” “service.” I mean, like he was ever really in harm’s way. Diego is in more danger from you than Harry was from enemy ordnance of any kind.

    Second, “jackass” is a little too manly for Harry’s appearance after blowing off the Queen’s birthday. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m thinking synonyms for “cat,” not “donkey.”


  4. What happened to this dip stick? When he got back from Afghanistan and was chided for partying naked in a Vegas hotel room he became my favorite royal. Now he is just one idiot move after the other.


  5. Mitchell – Both your points are perfectly reasonable.

    Ingineer – No idea. His previous girlfriends were crazy stupid hot and had good heads on their shoulders. Now he’s marrying a D-list “actress.”


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