Nudes At Eleven

Meet Bethany Austin of Illinois. Bethany was in a loving relationship with her fiancé for years, and the two were preparing to get married. Then Bethany received an alert on her shared iCloud account.

In 2016 Bethany Austin, from Island Lake in Illinois, was living with Matthew Rychlik. The couple had been together for several years, and were engaged. They shared an Apple iCloud account, meaning that texts and messages addressed to Rychlik would also pop up on Austin’s iPad, and devices owned by her children.

Normally, Austin would ignore the messages, she said. However, when she saw alerts on her iPad that showed another woman was sending explicit messages and semi-naked photos to her fiancé, she saw red and broke off the relationship.

How stupid is this guy to have another woman send salacious photos to a shared iCloud account? Also, not for nothing, but Bethany is ridiculous hot. I know the saying “No matter how hot she is, someone is tired of her crap,” but seriously, this woman is really pretty. But I digress…

After the breakup, Rychlik told mutual friends that she was “crazy,” and Austin, 43, decided to share the images and messages to prove that she had a good reason for ending the relationship.

Now, I obviously understand her reasoning, but nowadays, courts are dropping the hammer on what they call “revenge pr0n.” I don’t think this is a case of that – I’d suggest it was harassment – but now her life is ruined because her dick fiancé couldn’t keep his in his pants.

4 thoughts on “Nudes At Eleven

  1. Mushdogs – At the very least. Yes, she screwed up, but prison time is an absolute joke.

    CJB – Maybe the hottest mug shot I have ever seen.

    Cathy – Yes and yes.


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