Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, everyone! Yes, I know this holiday is a much bigger deal in the former Soviet Union, but it’s been getting traction since the illegitimate president was “elected” in a completely secure and fraud-free election. In the four months since the illegitimate president’s totally legitimate swearing in, he has implemented policy by fiat, abused executives orders, reopened the borders to anyone and everyone, and ordered the FBI and the DoJ to persecute his political enemies.

The good news is the illegitimate president has threatened to cancel Independence Day if Americans continue to decline the Covid vaccine, which also means we will not be able to see the T-34 tank parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. It also means we won’t be able to see him drool his way through a dementia-fueled speech, which is arguably the best gift he could give to the American people.

The country is suffering in ways I have never seen before. The pendulum may eventually swing back toward the right, but I fear free and fair elections are a thing of the past. Fight on, live your best life, and for the love of God, never, ever cooperate with federal law enforcement. They are not your friends.

I guess it could be worse. We could live on Greenland’s shores…

Watch until the end. The video is scary as hell.

8 thoughts on “Happy May Day!

  1. Oh, yeah, dear mr pwesident, this is what happens when you tell people they can’t celebrate Independence Day:


  2. Cathy – I’d take my chances with the tsunami.

    MelP – We had people shooting off fireworks at the park near my house for the duration of the summer. Ban shman, Philly people couldn’t care less.


  3. Been off visiting my grandkids in Washington state. Then, a sudden departure and two 12 hour days with one 7hr stop in Livingston, Mt, for one night. Had to be home for a house inspection on the new house we are buying. But… that aside, Tsunamis are seriously scary. Not as much as Demoncrats, but nothing to trifle with. Hope all is well in the Earp household.

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