Is That The Chattanooga Wreckage?

A professor at the university of Tennessee (Chattanooga) believes he found the wreckage of the USS Chattanooga at the bottom of the Tennessee River. I realize stories like these aren’t interesting to a lot of people, but I find it fascinating.

Morgan Smith, assistant professor in the UTC Department of Anthropology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and his students are 90 percent sure they found the wreckage of the U.S.S. Chattanooga, a steamship that brought supplies to the starving army of U.S. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant outside Chattanooga in 1863. According to historical records, supplies had dwindled until there was only one loaf of bread left for Union soldiers.

After the war, the ship sat on the northern side of the Tennessee River across from what is now the Tennessee Aquarium and Riverfront. Eventually, it fell apart and sank.

On April 14, Smith and students in his “Underwater Anthropology” course are pretty sure they found pieces of it sitting on the muddy river bottom.

The sonar photos definitely found something, and Smith believes it’s the Chattanooga.

While the kids are leaning toward Alabama, I still really love Tennessee for its history and beauty. It’s still on my retirement list, and stories like these get my blood pumping.

9 thoughts on “Is That The Chattanooga Wreckage?

  1. When I was in my mid-teens, the family lived near Yazoo City, Mississippi. And during the time we lived there, some wanna-be archeologists found the USS Cairo where it sank in the Yazoo River. I say, “wanna-be” because they absolutely destroyed the ironclad gunboat when they tried to raise it. Instead of diverting the river, they tried to use steel cables looped under the keel to bring her up.

    It took a long time in Ingalls Shipyards to repair, but eventually she was brought to Vicksburg and placed near the Mississippi River. If you find yourself traveling through Vicksburg on I-20, it is well worth the time to stop there for a few hours (or stay overnight, there are a lot of decent hotels and restaurants nearby).

    And, yes, Tennessee is also on my “Maybe retire here list.” Beautiful state, just stay away from the democrat run cities. The rural countryside is wonderful, with great people.

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  2. My wife has a childhood friend that lives near Sparta, TN. We’ve visited twice. It is absolutely beautiful. If it weren’t for my grandkids being near grandma, I’d give Tennessee a close look. But, I’m stuck out west. At least I’m moving out of the People’s Republic of Boulder County, Colorado to a neighboring county that is solid red. I’m looking forward to the escape. Hope you find a wonderful place to retire. It’s good to see the count going down. Soon it will be three digits, then two, then you can escape.

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