More Popular Than Dementia Joe

According to a recent poll, the illegitimate president is more popular than Sportsball, but less popular than law enforcement. Wait, what? It’s not every day where I get a backhanded compliment from a conservative news organization, but in this case I guess I’ll take it.

President Joe Biden is less popular than police and law enforcement agencies and more popular than Major League Baseball, according to a poll released by NBC.

The president notched a 50 percent total positivity rate compared to 58 percent for police and law enforcement agencies and 34 percent for MLB, which last month opted to move its All-Star Game and draft out of Georgia in protest of the state’s new election law.

I seriously doubt the illegitimate president has a 50% approval rating, but whatever. I do think it’s hilarious that only 34% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Major League Baseball. Personally, I hope MLB goes bankrupt, and this is coming from an Orioles fan.

6 thoughts on “More Popular Than Dementia Joe

  1. It makes me crazy when politics is injected into everything. But as long as the dems think it will help them win elections, there will be more to come.


  2. Xiden is lucky if he has 20% positive rating. The American people will stop supporting any company that drools over this raving lunatic.


  3. I’ve seen the groups the poll takers use & it’s usually 60 – 70% (D). So it’s amazing that he got such a low #.


  4. Ronni – I mean, it’s not like free and fair elections are still a thing, since they have a monopoly on cheating.

    Cathy – Ace of Spades had an article up today saying the media’s ratings – including those tools at Fox News – are all collapsing. This is a good thing.

    MelP – Which is why Trump won. People thought it would be a landslide, not understanding conservatives rarely bother with phone pollers. You know, since we have jobs.


  5. I dislike Dementia Joe more than baseball but I know more about Joe than baseball.
    I don’t know who was in the WS last year but I know the election was between Joe and Trump.
    I don’t know who won the WS last year but I do know Trump won the election, except for all the cheatin’.


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