Don’t Rock The Boat, Baby

A Florida man suffered serious injuries after his jet ski struck a boat while he was traveling on the water at a high speed. You see, the “jet” part is right there in the name, people!

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, David Steffano, 56, was operating a 28-foot Chaparral Bowrider traveling eastbound alongside the Dunedin Causeway, with five passengers on board, when he saw someone on a personal watercraft traveling north to south at a high rate of speed.

Steffano said he thought the personal watercraft would travel behind his vessel. Due to heavy water traffic, Steffano said he turned his attention to the port side of his boat and that’s when the personal watercraft struck the rear of his vessel throwing Jose Rivera-Reyes into the water.

Steffano told deputies he immediately stopped his boat, helped Rivera-Reyes out of the water and called 911.

Personally, I think jet skis look like a lot of fun, but the second you fall off, you’re shark bait. I’m not a fan of sharks. In any measure. At all.

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