Florida Jumps The Shark

A Florida high school student and her mother are being charged for – get this – rigging an election for homecoming queen. And you thought you were mad after the 2020 presidential election?

Emily Rose Grover was still 17 when she was arrested in March. She turned 18 in April, and the State Attorney’s Office in Escambia County confirmed Tuesday that Grover will be tried as an adult. Grover and her mother, Laura Rose Carroll, 50, face multiple felony charges stemming from the October homecoming vote at Tate High School in Pensacola.

This is a joke, right? I mean, police officers cannot possibly be investigating an “election” which literally means nothing, right? Has Florida wiped out crime in their state?

While employed as an assistant principal at Bellview Elementary School in the same county, Carroll accessed the school district’s internal system to cast fraudulent votes for her daughter so that she would win, officials said. The investigation began in November when the Escambia County School District reported unauthorized access into hundreds of student accounts, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Investigators found that in October, hundreds of votes for the school’s homecoming court were flagged as fraudulent, the news release said. There were 117 votes from the same IP address within a short period of time, the investigation found.

I’m not sure which is more egregious; the fact Florida spent valuable police resources to lock up someone for homecoming fraud, or the fact that we can order up a high school homecoming investigation, but we cannot investigate the rampant 2020 election fraud.

7 thoughts on “Florida Jumps The Shark

  1. Oh, JESUS!
    I just about spit up my coffee when I saw that picture of Sissy Spacek appear in the new tab! Hilarious!

    I get where you’re coming from about the overall absurdity of the situation, but I’ll bet the real issue is the “unauthorized access into hundreds of student accounts” that Evil Mom committed here.

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  2. Things happening at schools become more ludicrous with each passing day. Quit worrying about Homecoming Court and concentrate on Civics, American History, etc.


  3. Paul – Good point. I would think they would go harder after mom than the daughter, though. It just seems like it’s a lot of effort for something which is barely a crime.

    Spacek was the first person I thought of when I read this. 🙂

    Ronni – Dennis Prager today said he occasionally asks waiters and waitresses if they know who Franklin Pierce is. He said for the most part, no one had a clue. Many schools don’t teach the important subjects anymore. It’s sad.


  4. Remember, whoever sets the priorities in crime fighting there is also living in Flori-Duh.

    (Someone had to have carpetbombed the whole state with stupid.)


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