Illegitimate POTUS Is Pushing Vaccines

The illegitimate president is ramping up his push for Covid vaccinations, and he is expecting 160 million Americans to get the vaccine before July 4th. The illegitimate president hilariously claimed he would “cancel July 4th” if the rubes don’t get the sketchy vaccine.

President Joe Biden announced a new vaccination goal on Tuesday while providing an update on the pandemic, aiming for 160 million U.S. adults to be fully inoculated against coronavirus by July 4. According to federal data, over 105 million Americans, or nearly 32% of the population, are now fully vaccinated.

My guess is most of those who were vaccinated are high-risk patients, which is a good thing.

In a bid to meet the new goal, the president is also directing tens of thousands of pharmacies in the federal pharmacy program to offer walk-in appointments, while federal resources will also be used to support more pop-up clinics and smaller community vaccination sites, as well as additional mobile clinics.

Is this really a smart use of federal resources while the southern border is wide open?

In an effort to increase vaccinations among those living in rural communities, where vaccine hesitancy has proved to be a major hurdle since the rollout began, the president will also direct new allocations of the vaccine to be sent to rural health clinics across the country.

Look, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but why is Biden so hell-bent on getting every American vaccinated? Most healthy kids aren’t affected, and a majority of adults who get it – like me – have an infinitesimal chance of dying from the virus.

Also, to be honest, the vaccine was rushed out quickly and no one knows what, if any, side effects will sprout up a year or so down the road. Thanks to the antibodies, I’m good until at least July, but I have no desire to get vaccinated this soon.

12 thoughts on “Illegitimate POTUS Is Pushing Vaccines

  1. Because of my allergies (including a drug allergy), I’ve refused to get the shot. It gets a bit annoying when people keep trying to guilt me into getting it.

    On the other hand, it’s amusing to see people’s reactions to “my body, my choice”


  2. Follow the money. Big pharmaceutical co. make money from the vacinations. How does the government make money from it? Which politicians have stock or ownership in the pharmaceuticals? Follow who is making money & why the libtards are so anxious for us all to get the shot.


  3. “why is Biden so hell-bent on getting every American vaccinated?” Population control, mass cull, sterilization? wouldn’t put any of the above past these evil motherfuckers.


  4. MelP – I’m not against people getting the shot. I’m all for it if you’re in the target zone. I just personally want to wait a bit before we know more about the vaccinations. Once I feel they’re perfectly safe, I’ll get it. Until then, I’ll wait.

    Besides, in PA we still would have to wear a mask and socially distance after getting the shot. So why the f**k would I rush to get it?

    Cathy – That’s a very good point. A lot of people are making a lot of money – which I’m all for – with all the vaccinations.

    Max – If Trump was still in office, I would also wait, but your point is well taken. Biden is already going after conservatives, so why would anyone trust anything this clown says?


  5. So here in the Democratic People’s Republic of Washington State, they are instituting “vaccinated/unvaccinated sections” in restaurants and venues such as sports arenas. Soon it will be segregated drinking fountains. Separate but equal, y’all.


  6. I’d be more inclined… err, less resistant, to getting the shot if a) it hadn’t been rushed into mass production, b) the companies that made it had no immunity from prosecution, and c) there wasn’t such a mad rush to force or coerce everyone into getting it.

    Something smells rotten in D.C.


  7. Mushdogs – I find it hilarious that BLM types are pushing this. It’s like they want to relive the segregationist south.

    TXNick – If they just posted the commercials, I would be fine with it. But every single day they’re practically demanding people get the shot. I’m opposed to it because of the coercion. Besides, I can’t get one until at least July because of the antibodies.


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