Trouble In The Beltway

Meet Adrian Varner of Monroe, Louisiana.

Adrian did not appreciate the way her 12-year old daughter was acting, so she decided to whoop her daughter’s ass with a belt. Then things just got weird, even for Louisiana.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Varner recorded video of herself striking her child “with a belt several times” and then posted the clip to Instagram.

The beating, which apparently was some kind of disciplinary measure, left the girl with “visible bruising to her right arm and right thigh areas.”

After being read her rights, Varner, seen at right, was questioned about striking her child and reportedly admitted to “beating her motherfucking ass and embarrassing her on Instagram.”

Well, at least her heart is in the right place. I mean, let him who is without sin grab the nearest belt and slap the first ass.

8 thoughts on “Trouble In The Beltway

  1. My mom always went for the wooden spoon. Warning: do not laugh when she breaks the spoon while aiming for your brothers ass, misses & hits the table.

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  2. I made a wooden paddle and drilled some 3/8″ holes all over it. It took only a short time before just picking it up cured the misbehavior.

    This fine beauty certainly didn’t get the brains in her DNA, but it’s probably been several generations since there were any brains in her lineage.


    1. I made a stick similar to that. Only had to use it once on each kid. Just picking it up or walking towards it was effective.


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