Feel-Good Friday

A stray North Carolina dog had a habit of entering a store and grabbing a stuffed unicorn. The visits continued, and the storekeeper kept taking the unicorn back. Well, until an animal control officer changed the dog’s life.

A stray dog kept stealing from a toy unicorn from a shop – until a kind-hearted animal control worker bought it for him.

The one-year-old dog, called Sisu, broke into a Dollar General shop in Duplin County, North Carolina, the US, to steal his favourite toy five times. Workers eventually called animal services after he kept wandering in.

Officer Samantha Lane did Sisu a solid by purchasing the $10 unicorn to keep him company at the shelter.

The department posted pictures on social media of Sisu cuddling his most treasured possession at the county animal shelter and announced he was up for adoption on March 22.(H/T – Mike AKA Proof)

Pretty good story from a really good woman. Way to go, Officer Lane!

8 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. Mike AKA Proof – According to the authorities, I had to stop putting Vica Kerekes’ fingers in my mouth after five tries.

    Ronni – It’s nice to end the week with a good story before an awful Monday arises.

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  2. I love dogs, so anyone who treats a dog with special care is going to get a thumbs up from me. Same goes for the opposite. Don’t like those who mistreat dogs at all. It tells you something about them. But, I digress. Great story – Thanks Proof!

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  3. Cathy – Really cute dog, but it has a unicorn fetish.

    RG – I always had dogs growing up, but we haven’t had them since we got married.


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