America As We Knew It Is Dead. Accept It.

A New York woman has been told she will lose custody of her child because, get this, there is a rock on her property painted with the confederate flag.

The upstate woman has been told she needs to ditch a driveway decoration painted with a confederate flag or risk losing custody of her mixed race child — even though a family court judge didn’t consider it to be an issue when it was raised during trial.

“Given that the child is of mixed race, it would seem apparent that the presence of the flag is not in the child’s best interests, as the mother must encourage and teach the child to embrace her mixed race identity, rather than thrust her into a world that only makes sense through the tortured lens of cognitive dissonance,” judges with the Appellate Division’s Third Department in Albany wrote in a ruling.

There are two sets of laws in America now. One for the powerful, and one for the rest of us.

The “presence of the confederate flag,” when “viewed pragmatically,” “is a symbol inflaming the already strained relationship between the parties,” the judges said.

They ruled if the rock is not removed by June 1, “its continued presence shall constitute a change in circumstances,” meaning the parents’ custody agreement could be revisited, and “Family Court shall factor this into any future best interests analysis.”

This is straight up blackmail, and the parents should tell the judges to go fuck themselves.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure painting a rock still falls under the protections of the First Amendment. If a set of corrupt judges can take your children because of a painted rock, they can surely take away your children for flying a Trump flag, or for “wrong-speak.”

6 thoughts on “America As We Knew It Is Dead. Accept It.

  1. Rudy – It’s embarrassing what this country has become. It’s quickly turning into a police state, but at least there are no more mean tweets.


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