Indiana Drones

The Indianapolis Police Department had a banner day on April 28th, when officers observed a vehicle interrupt a funeral procession and observed passengers pointing guns out the windows.

Honestly, that’s a day ending in “y” in my town.

Several men are facing firearms and drug charges after police witnessed a vehicle run cars off the road during a funeral procession and men display weapons out of the vehicle’s sunroof and windows, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Seriously, who runs a funeral procession off the road?

IMPD says on April 28, its Crime Gun Intelligence Center was conducting surveillance on a case when it observed a funeral procession pass by. During the procession, CGIC saw a vehicle occupied by men running cars off the road and displaying weapons out of the sunroof and windows of the vehicle.

CGIC surveyed the vehicle until it could be safely stopped at a gas station at 2360 E. Raymond Street. Authorities detained five people and discovered five firearms during the investigation. One person was released on the scene.

The officers recovered five firearms, marijuana, and heroin, so the post-funeral party was gonna be lit!

5 thoughts on “Indiana Drones

  1. Looks like a funeral for a rival gang member was being surveilled by the police and it paid off. Was the person in the car that was not arrested an informant or a relative of somebody important? There were 5 guns and 5 people but only 4 arrests.

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  2. Ingineer – Entirely possible someone talked and got their get out of jail free card.

    Mike AKA Proof – In Philly, they scooch the seats up then put the recliner all the way back. It’s retarded, but it’s commonplace here.

    TXNick – You’d think the hearse and the coffin would be a dead giveaway.

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