Water, Water, In The Air….

It was a beautiful day in Fayetteville, Georgia. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a group of utes were participating in a water pistol fight.

Moments later, a teenager was dead, because this is why we cant have nice things.

One person was killed and another was injured after what began as a water gun battle ended in a shootout Friday afternoon at a Fayette County park.

Authorities said a “group of youths” were playing with squirt guns and water balloons at Kenwood Park about 5 p.m. when a fight broke out among the participants.

“The altercation rapidly escalated as those fighting began exchanging gunfire,” the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office said. “One victim collapsed on the scene.”

Congratulations Neanderthals, you murdered a teenager because he shot a stream of water at you. Your parents must be very proud. *golf clap*

8 thoughts on “Water, Water, In The Air….

  1. The violence in this country is out of control. You don’t dare tick someone off for fear of the consequences.


  2. Ronni – This city is at 183 homicides, 34% higher than this time last year. No one cares, and honestly, I don’t care much anymore. If no one is going to try to stop the killings, the city deserves what it gets.

    Max – Them and their funny breads!

    Mike AKA Proof – Which I’m sure was laced with Covid.


  3. Since there are no pics/mugshots, I’m assuming this is a group of diverse, minority youths who were on their way to choir practice when this happened….

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  4. Water Gun Fights can escalate quickly. I remember getting a bloody nose during one. The other team had us on the run, so I ducked behind the house, dropped my squirt gun, and grabbed the hose. Brian followed me, and I absolutely soaked him, but he kept charging and caught me with a forearm to the face. (I later learned he had anger issues.)

    That sort of ended the game for that day, and the week.


  5. RD – Yeah, I can imagine. Things have escalated since those days, Philly earned eight more homicides last night, putting the year’s total at 188. And summer isn’t even here yet.


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