Naughty Nautical Neighbors

Homemade Boat Rescued Off Isla VIsta

Two brilliant engineering students decided to manufacture a homemade boat and set out on the high seas. Of course, since this occurred in California, you can imagine how their sea cruise turned out.

Two mariners with questionable nautical sense were saved from the ocean near Isla Vista early Saturday aboard their homemade boat constructed from buckets and kiddie pools.

Those bastards stole my blueprints!

The male non-engineering students in their early 20s crafted a makeshift boat from 20 Home Depot buckets, two plastic kiddie pools, plywood and duct tape, said Fire Department spokesman Mike Eliason. The pair headed off to sea near Camino Del Sur and Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista.

They had a paddle, but lacked wetsuits for the voyage in the ocean where seas were calm but water temperatures were approximately 55 degrees, Eliason said.

Firefighters made contact with the wayward mariners about 30 minutes later, and brought the pair safely to shore with no injuries.

There should have been post-rescue injuries; namely seeing these dolts get beaten with a belt.

8 thoughts on “Naughty Nautical Neighbors

  1. Strongly suspect there were lots and lots of sweet blunts involved in the “design and planning” for this. 😉


  2. Paul – I’d like to think they were expelled from college when the administration saw the blueprints for this nautical abortion.

    Cathy – I was more worried they would dumb down the fish.


  3. Note: “Non engineering students”…..stupidity is a terminal illness, and these dolts almost qualified for a Darwin award…


  4. I use to watch a show called Junkyard Challenge which was Scrapheap Challenge in the UK and they had challenges to build stuff from what they found….the stuff they found often floated better than what these guys built.


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