How To Get Ahead In Business

Last night, the missus and I were invited to an academic awards ceremony being held by Erik’s high school. We were notified Erik would be receiving an academic award, but we wouldn’t know the specifics until he received it.

The venue was held in a local church, and there were dozens of students inside to receive their specific awards. Erik, for his part, thought he would be getting an English award, since he has maintained a 99 average the entire year. He was mistaken.

They called Erik up, took a photo with him and his teacher who nominated him, and when he came back, we realized he won the Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Performance in the Study of Business Principles. Erik enjoys his business class, even though he shares the room with seniors. He was happy to have been nominated, and now he, like Kyle, each have a nice academic achievement.

Not too shabby. There is video of the event below the fold…

Okay, to be fair, the venue was nowhere near as fancy as this…

13 thoughts on “How To Get Ahead In Business

  1. Everything you say about your kids has convince me you and your family are just figments of my imagination, since your kids do so many great things. I’m thinking you and Mrs Earp need an award for excellence in parenting. Congrats to the two of you and congrats to Eric for receiving this great award.


  2. Nice! I don’t know what you parents are doing, but keep it up. Congratulations to another high achiever in your clan…….


  3. Rudy – Erik is currently carrying a 4.52 GPA in a school which claims it runs on the 4.0 scale. I still don’t understand that reasoning.

    RG – The irony is he, and his lacrosse teammates who received awards had no desire to go to the ceremony. Teenagers…

    Tam – Most of that is Mrs. Earp. I’m usually hiding from the kids in the basement.


  4. Congratulations to Erik! It has been a pleasure watching your kids grow up and hear and see their various accomplishments. Kudos to you and Mrs. Earp for raising such talented young people.


  5. I come onto this site looking for your kids shenanigans stories & instead you’re impressing us with stories of your kids awesomeness.


  6. Congrats, young man! And congrats to you and the missus, Wyatt – you’re obviously doing something right. 😉


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