Up, Up, And Away

While undergoing sea exercises last week, the Royal Marines transferred one of their own to a warship… via jetpack. See how cool the Marines are now that Prince Harry is gone?

The Royal Marines recently ran an exercise testing the $440,000 Gravity Jet Suit to aid in boarding operations and it looks like something out of a James Bond movie. Obviously the future is going to be super annoying when every pizza delivery person is flying around in a jet pack, but for now this remains the coolest thing my 10-year-old self has ever seen. I mean, this and the old Playboy I found out in the woods that one time.

Personally, I think it would have been cooler if they launched him via catapult… like Angry Birds.

7 thoughts on “Up, Up, And Away

  1. Cool indeed, but it also looks totally impractical (at least right now) for an actual military assault. One guy with a shotgun could dispatch that marine without much difficulty.

    “Quit shooting at me, man! TIME OUT, DAMMIT!!! Give me a minute to land safely then remove these jet engines from my hands so I can grab my gun!”

    This stunt should be recognized for what it really is: a recruitment exercise.

    Yeah I know; sometimes I’m no fun at all. 😉


  2. Don’t get me wrong, that looks cool and fun, but…
    I bet the enemy calls that The Skeet Pack.
    If the bad guys can see you they can shoot you.
    Even if it’s a bunch of spray-and-prayers with AKs on full auto, one of them is bound to hit you at least once.


  3. Paul – I figured the Phalanx guns would make quick work of him.

    Mike AKA Proof – I always had my suspicions about Boo-Boo.

    MelP – They’re putting up an Iron Dome to keep him from returning.

    Veeshir – They’re working on Predator camouflage as we speak.


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