Thanks For Nothing, Fauci

A Maryland driver was rushed to the hospital after the vehicle burst into flames when the driver used hand sanitizer while smoking. Hmm, I guess hand sanitizer isn’t always a good idea, eh, Fauci?

A car burst into flames Thursday after a Maryland motorist unwisely used hand sanitizer while smoking. A harrowing video taken from a news chopper shows the vehicle smoldering in a parking lot as firefighters rush to douse the blaze.

According to official reports, the unnamed driver was smoking a cigarette and then started using the germ-killing elixir, which ignited and set the whole car aflame like an impromptu Molotov cocktail.

Who could have guessed alcohol fumes would ignite near a flame?

That might be due to the fact that hand sanitizers contain a large amount of alcohol — around 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol, which makes the personal hygiene product highly flammable.

Fortunately, the motorist was immediately transported to the hospital, where he was treated for minor burns and other non-life-threatening injuries. The vehicle, on the other hand, was torched beyond repair.

The good news is the driver will be back smoking at gas pumps any day now.

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