True Detective Stories

This took me a few days to post because I have been very angry since Friday morning, and it’s been seething underneath for a while now.

Friday was busy, and in our second hour, we received a barricaded person job. As usual, my squad was short on detectives, and the sergeant took three of them out to the job. That left me with Diego the Idiot Detective and Kim Jong-Loon. Moments later, Diego decided he needed to leave the building, probably because he didn’t want to do his job.

So that left me, Kim Jong-Loon and about ten other detectives in our “special units.” The special unit people are the domestic violence office and the shooting teams, and they spend most of their days walking the halls and gabbing with their coworkers…

Now, we’re obviously a very busy division, and when jobs come in, they need to be assigned, whether we have one detective on the floor or twenty. Soon after Diego skipped out, a stolen gun job came in. Kim got the assignment, so I was effectively the only person available. The phones continued to ring, the jobs kept pouring in, and I continued to tell the officers to leave the paperwork on the desk. “We’ll get to it when we get to it.”

In the meantime, the special unit people were hanging out in the kitchen, talking about baseball, and effectively standing around drinking coffee. They knew we were swamped, and knew I was the only person on the floor, and still they walked by like they couldn’t care less.

Look, I get they have their jobs to do, but when they’re roaming the halls with nothing to do, is it really that difficult to pick up a phone or answer a cop’s question? Are you so special you cannot take one second to help out?

The irony of this nonsense is when a special unit gets swamped, we’re FORCED to help them. Funny how that rule is not a two-way street.

I despise this place anymore. I hate the city, I hate the department, and I hate far too many of my coworkers.

1,264 days.

12 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. You make me realize how fortunate I am that I like my job and co-workers. Probably why I am still working fulltime at 70. Although I literally have to show these university students my driver’s license so they believe me. Take care and keep counting down.


  2. RG – When I came home yesterday, I told Mrs. Earp, “I hate this place.” She said, “You always hated it,” to which I replied, “I hate it more every day.

    Ronni – There are a few really good people here, but my word, there are so many bums.


  3. Kitty – South. Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, maybe Arkansas. Anywhere but Pennsylvania. The state is becoming as bad as the city.


  4. A baseball bat sounds good but it will only make your life worse. Just do what you can. Don’t take it home. Imagine a delete button & imagine pounding on it. It works for me & yes I have been in a similar situation.


  5. Cathy – I always take it home, which is why I jog 4-5 miles or ride my bike 6-7 miles after work. When I first got on, if people acted like this they would be walking beats for a week. Now, no one cares. At all.

    Mike AKA Proof – They certainly should. It’s funny, when they need help, we’re forced to help them. When we need it – right now I have two detectives on the floor – it’s crickets.


  6. Proof – “Special Units Olympics”, now that’s funny!

    Wyatt – I have worked hard at every job I ever had and made sure the job got done. When I was a cop, I spent my entire career of 9 whole years in uniform on the street. I went out of my way to help anyone I could and arrest all the bad guys I could. I honestly don’t know how I would handle being a cop in today’s world. The possibility exists that doing a good job could get you fired and sent to jail. I suspect I’d still go all out, but I can understand the slowdown happening with cops in all departments. It’s sad to see.

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  7. RG – I stress all day, every day, over everything. Work, the kids, the house, the car, everything. When I was suffering through depression (2015-17) there were a lot of factors involved, but most of it was from work. I’ll say this; I will never work in policing again.


    1. I think all of us here live a little vicariously through you. We all love the stories about your family and the True Detective stories, etc. I feel that same stress just reading this stuff. I only lasted 9 years and had had enough, so hanging in there this long, especially in a shithole Democrat city, has to be a hundred fold the stress I ever had on the job. I have just concluded buying a house and getting a new mortgage, and just last night went under contract to sell my house for a fabulously exorbitant price far exceeding my expectations and the stress of all that has been pretty unpleasant, but the reward was fantastic. Here’s to hoping you can keep your eye on each day as you countdown to freedom.


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