Living In China Is A Real Grind

A Chinese man is on trial for murder after he went on television to post a reward for his missing wife. The wife was never missing, and she was found in multiple places after a police investigation.

A man in China who offered a 100,000 yuan (S$20,700) reward and did multiple television interviews begging for help finding his missing wife went on trial for her murder on Friday (May 14).

The case grabbed national attention in July last year when Xu Guoli from eastern Hangzhou, then 55, appeared calm and eloquent during the interviews describing how his wife, Lai Huili, left home while he was asleep, but was revealed as the prime suspect in her murder 16 days later.

It’s not always fair, but when a spouse goes missing the other spouse is always the prime suspect.

They eventually spent 25 hours draining the building’s septic tank and checked feces from 38 waste removal trucks. DNA testing found traces of Lai’s body tissue. Xu was taken into police custody on July 23 and confessed to the murder hours later, according to a police statement.

In court, prosecutors accused Xu of drugging Lai’s milk before sealing her mouth with tape and smothering her to death on the night of July 4. He then moved her body to the bathroom and dismembered her. Some of the body parts were flushed through the toilet and others thrown in the garbage.

Considering what I know about the ChiComs, I assume the death penalty is a big thing over there. Hopefully, they can put this dog down by year’s end. He certainly deserves it.

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