Alabama Sounds Fun!

Lord knows in my nearly twenty-seven years in policing, I have come across more than my share of narcotics arrests. Some where bigger than others, but I never confiscated thirty-one kilos of cocaine.

Gulf Shores police recovered 31 kilos of cocaine worth about $1 million Monday night that washed up on a city beach.

Officers fielded multiple calls of cocaine turning up on the shore along the west end of Beach Boulevard. Gulf Shores police said they are unsure where the cocaine originated and are working with state and federal authorities.

It’s funny, there were fifteen shark attacks at the Gulf Shores that day, and not one person complained. Must have been something in the water.

3 thoughts on “Alabama Sounds Fun!

  1. Somewhere someone is banging their head against the wall knowing the police now have a majority of their last coke shipment.


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