Band On The Run

So Julia has been a member of her school’s band for a few years, and every single time her recital comes up, I end up working nightwork. This year was different, because all the band instruction was held on Zoom. Like Erik, Julia plays the drums – Kyle played trombone – and she did one-on-one classes with her teacher every Thursday.

Thanks to the Chinese Wuhan Virus, everyone had to learn that way, which was not easy, but they got through it. Yesterday the virtual recital took place. Everyone played their songs alone, then they were combined for an amazing performance. It was nice seeing her play again, despite it was taped, and while she really likes band, she is also relieved this year is over. Thursday is also dance night, so she has to come home, do homework, have the band lesson, then jet out to dance.

I’m proud of how she’s working and juggling so many activities, but I’m sure she cannot wait until summer vacation…

Oh, apropos of nothing, I thought this was funny. Julia made a chalk picture of herself in the driveway, and when Mrs. Earp came home, it looked like she ran over Julia’s head.

4 thoughts on “Band On The Run

  1. It is so nice for the kids and parents to get a bit of normalcy back in their lives through things like concerts, some sports and hopefully classes in school. Princess P is growing up so quickly. Better lock the doors, dad!!

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  2. Mike AKA Proof – Very few homicides in my neck of the woods, but once in a while we catch a stray.

    Cathy – She’s a menace on the road!

    Ronni – Guns in every room when some punk kids comes a’callin’.


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