Philadelphia Is A Corrupt Shithole

So Tuesday was Primary Day, and because I live in a Democrat shithole, my choices were limited. I told myself I would not vote Tuesday – or any day, for that matter – but there were two ballot issues which would severely curtail the PA governor’s emergency powers. The ballot measure came about after Governor Tom Wolf shut down the state for well over a year by fiat, without the input of the legislature.

I’ll get back to that later.

In the meantime, feel free to click on the photo above. It was a pamphlet the lawless thugs were attaching to cars on Tuesday. The pamphlet claims felons can now vote in Philadelphia, and gives instructions on how to do so. The pamphlets were distributed across the street from the police station. I mean, I’m sure our despicable, drunken corrupt Democrat has every intention of letting felons vote, but I was amazed at the balls of these people. Just putting it right out there for everyone to see.

Anyway, the ballot measure passed, and Governor Wolf’s emergency powers have been handcuffed. Maybe now the state can finally get back to normal.

Oh, Philly’s Soros-appointed District Attorney, Larry Krasner, won the Democrat primary in a landslide, ensuring 500-600 homicides for the last few years of my career. The irony is Krasner received most of his votes from the neighborhoods where the homicides are most frequent.

F them. This is what the voted for, so don’t come crying to us when it’s someone in your family gunned down. I couldn’t care less if there are 1,000 homicides this year.

6 thoughts on “Philadelphia Is A Corrupt Shithole

  1. Soros must have had the voting machines pre-programmed for the Krasner win. Sad, but probably true. Nice to know the governor got bitch slapped. This post really need the “count” attached, but we know you re nearing 1200.

    Has Pennsylvania passed any legislation allowing 10 year olds the vote yet? I’m sure that’s in the works.


  2. Mario – Honestly, because the majority of people in this city are drones. They vote Democrat because their grandparents voted Democrat. They have no no independent thought, and their hive mind continues voting against their interests.

    RG – I actually think the people in the worst areas of the city wanted this. They want their friends and relatives to be able to kill their rivals and be back on the street a few months later. We’ll likely hit 600 homicides this year, and like Chicago and NYC, no one cares.


    1. Oh, some people care.
      You can know who by how our fine betters call them racist fascists.
      It ain’t called the Funniest End of Civilization Ever for nothing.

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      1. When I retire, I want to move south and be very far from any big cities. I am so sick of what is going on in this city, and I never want to return after I leave.


  3. It’s going to be a long while before there’s any relief I would think. Large city populations vote lockstep with Democrats despite the lack of progress or positive change. Look at Chicago (my hometown), along with others, where homicides and other violent crime has always been high and is currently exploding (again) and there is still nary a whiff of a conservative or reasonable alternative ideas or political options in Cook County that appeal to these folks. Dems clean up every election and its nauseating. I don’t know what it would take for people to wake up as they’re already living in a dystopian world.


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