True Detective Stories

The photo above is a good representation of what I walked into last night. During my two days off, my substitutes did quite literally nothing, and left me with nineteen unassigned jobs. Every one had to be assigned and entered, which took up the first two and a half hours of the tour.

By the time I was finished the old jobs, I had another pile of live jobs, which also had to be assigned and entered. The first three jobs were a commercial burglary, an overdose, and a gun arrest. Since our supervisors let everyone take off for any reason, we only had four detectives on the floor… during a hot night… on a Friday. It took me until 7pm – half my tour – to finally catch up with everything.

My roundabout point here is this: the manpower in this department is a disgrace. The Defund the Police movement is real, and it has real repercussions. The jobs continue coming in, and we don’t have nearly enough detectives to handle all the cases. So the cops end up sitting in the lobby until someone is available, which means there are less detectives and less patrol officers.

The worst part is we aren’t even at the summer vacation periods yet. When June hits, we’ll be making do with two detectives a tour instead of four. The city refuses to hire new officers, the department refuses to promote more detectives, and when the workload becomes too strained, we have to pass jobs to the next shift.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I think blue cities absolutely deserve this. This is what they wanted, so I will shed no tears. I do, however, wonder when the train will come down this city’s tracks, striking all the people who wanted a lawless town. I doubt they’ll see the light coming.

1,259 days.

3 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. I have to wonder if there’s a plan and if so, what it is. Between DAs not prosecuting violent felonies and a reduction of police forces, there seems to be a point.
    Either way, it”s getting ugly out there.


  2. Veeshir – Personally, I agree with Ace of Spades’ thinking. They want things bad enough where conservatives start fighting back, then the illegitimate president can unleash his dogs on us.

    Related: We had an abduction of a 4-year old today, and the “Special Victims Unit” refused to handle it. They’re supposed to, but I guess they didn’t fell like it today. So we’re stuck with the job.


  3. “During my two days off, my substitutes did quite literally nothing, … ”
    It’s not just a “manpower” issue when the people aren’t doing their jobs. Throwing more useless bodies at the problem just costs money without adding any capability.


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