The Wind In My Hair

The crew of a USAF Osprey became the Ugly Americans in England this week, as they landed at Addenbrooke’s helipad and, um, made an impression.

This is a video of a USAF Boeing/Bell CV-22B Osprey 10-0053 landing at Addenbrooke’s hospital helipad for a medical-transfer training operation and then on takeoff literally blowing up the helipad with its rotor wash.

I just wonder what would’ve happened if any of the rubber matting had actually gotten caught in the rotors. Is it like throwing string at a drone where it gets tangled up and basically brings the whole thing down? Are modern helicopters as easy to take down?

Honestly, you’d think the helipad would have been made with concrete instead of what appears to be Persian rugs.

You can see the video below the fold…

10 thoughts on “The Wind In My Hair

  1. As sniffin joe has proven politicians are clumsy idiots. Putting down padded matts in case of a politician showing up is good thinking.


  2. Whoever dreamed up the idea of using those pads on a landing spot for helos needs to go back to school. I bet even a stiff breeze would have done a similar job. Nothing anchoring them down.


  3. Mike AKA Proof – I think they’re about due for another lesson.

    Cathy – Well, you never know when he’s going to soil himself…

    Mike47 – First thing I thought was, “They’re going to get caught in the rotors.” Ospreys fly over our house occasionally at the smaller airport in Philly. Loud as hell.

    Rudy – A few tent stakes couldn’t hurt, either. Lousy limeys.

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  4. The effort to appease the environmental snowflakes by making a soft landing pad to save mother earth instead of a hard concrete pad just proved at their good intentions were just blowing in the wind.

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