Guns, Lots Of Guns

It’s possible I’ll be scarce – well, more scarce – today because I will be at my yearly pistol qualification. There are two benefits to yearly qualification: 1. it gets me out of the division and away from people like Diego, and 2. it gets me to the range when I can fire round after round at targets.

Of course, I would never picture someone’s face in said target, because that would be wrong.

My only concern is my shoulder. It doesn’t hurt as much as before I caught Covid, but it does hurt occasionally. I was drawing my pistol from the holster the other day, and so far, it feels like I’ll be able to shoot with no problems. Which brings me to the next issue…

After nearly three months of stress, I saw my primary doctor and told him about the shoulder surgeon and the practice’s refusal to return my calls. My primary said the insurance will not approve the surgery unless I go to physical therapy beforehand. The labrum is still torn, as is the bicep, but I’ll go through the motions so I can finally get this fixed.

The primary also said he would recommend another surgeon when the time comes, because while I liked the surgeon I had, the lack of communication was infuriating. So, at this point, I expect to do at least two months of physical therapy, and look to have the surgery in the fall.

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