A Most Senseless Killing

The pretty woman on the right is Brooke Buchler, formerly of Slidell, Louisiana. Brooke was a normal girl, working as a waitress in her hometown and living her best life until some POS decided to sexually assault her.

Brooke was relaying the story to a friend as two Slidell men overheard the story. They figured they would get some street justice, and that’s when everything went terribly awry.

Dylan Craddock, 27, and Cody Matthews, 33, have been charged in St. Tammany Parish with kidnapping and attempting to murder the man Buchler accused of sexually assaulting her. The men, in custody since September, also each face a count of second-degree murder in New Orleans for allegedly killing Buchler.

Craddock and Matthews “allegedly” beat the rapist and stabbed him. Shortly thereafter, they “allegedly” shot Buchler in the head and dumped her body at an abandoned naval base.

“Several” tips to Crimestoppers also implicated Craddock, with tipsters saying he had murdered Buchler because she was “a liability” after the beating, stabbing and kidnapping in Slidell. (H/T – Loki)

After nearly twenty-seven years in law enforcement, I have become pretty immune to stories like these, Having said that, this may be one of the worst stories I have ever read. You try to be the white night for a woman who was wronged, and after you get your vengeance, you murder the woman because she’s a liability.

I sincerely hope both these men get the death penalty.

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