Dangerous Curves Ahead

A British Transport police officer was spared dismissal after allegedly sexually harassing a woman, hugging her, and claiming she was “too curvy to be Asian.”

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), which conducted the investigation, said Imran Aftab had inappropriately used his status as a police officer to harass a female jogger and make “sexually inappropriate comments” while he was off-duty back in April 2020, reported The Mirror.

Aftab reportedly told the victim she was “too curvy to be Asian,” showed her his warrant card and asked for her phone number. He also tried to hug her, which the probe found to be a breach of coronavirus restrictions.

A breach of coronavirus restrictions? How about a breach of dozens of other skeevy actions?

The woman, who eventually complained about receiving racist and sexualized comments, sent the message, “help me,” to a friend. After she gave her number to Aftab, with plans to block him later on, he sent her six text messages.

Also, not for nothing, but there are plenty of curvy Asian women around the world; and I’m sure Aftab will be approaching those women, as well. Dumbass.

5 thoughts on “Dangerous Curves Ahead

  1. To be PC or not to be PC??? That is the question…If I was bigoted, I might say his name delineates the problem, an ethnic background that treats women as chattel and lesser class citizens…Since, I’m not, what’s the problem, one ‘Asian” (as the low-life Brits call them) hitting on another…???


  2. Doc – I thought that too. Some people are brought up to see others as inferior. That’s the vibe I got from this cop.

    Cathy – They’re delicious!

    Mitchell – She did not age well, but in her prime, she was the hottest woman around.


  3. I’m surprised he didn’t get 20 years in jail.
    I mean, breaking kung flu regulations?
    That’s almost as bad as using the wrong pronoun!


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