Seoul Is Preparing For The Erection

A recent investigation has found Seoul’s waste water had high doses of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction products. I’ll bet the drugs were hard to find.

Unusually high traces of Viagra and other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction were discovered in Seoul’s wastewater, researchers said in a recent paper, suggesting a thriving black market for the pills.

The black marketeer’s probably gave their customers the shaft.

Samples from the South Korean capital’s sewers were taken in April 2018 but the study was only published earlier this month in the journal Scientific Reports. Researchers found that levels of erectile dysfunction drugs appeared to spike on weekends and in areas with bars, clubs, and adult entertainment businesses.

They found concentrations of the Pfizer-made drug Sildenafil, more commonly known by brand name Viagra, in amounts three to four times higher than in Brussels and two to five times higher than in Copenhagen.

More than Brussels and Copenhagen? Wow, that’s some stiff competition.

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