Modern(a) Problems

Meet Virginia Brown of Greenback, Tennessee.

Virginia lives by her principles, one of which is her disagreement with vaccinations. That’s probably the reason why she sped through a vaccination site, nearly striking many health workers.

Police Monday arrested Virginia Brown, 36, on seven felony reckless endangerment charges in connection with an incident in the parking lot of a mall about 15 miles from her home in Greenback, a city outside Knoxville.

Investigators charge that Brown, driving a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, sped through a series of cones and a tent set up outside the Foothills Mall. Brown allegedly came close to striking seven workers manning the vaccine site, and several victims “stated that they thought the driver was going to kill them,” according to a Blount County Sheriff’s Office report.

As she drove past the workers, Brown appeared to yell, “No vaccine,” witnesses told deputies.

I’m not a fan of the vaccine, either – especially with the government demanding it – but I’m also not going to shame those who choose to get vaccinated. This would have been hilarious if Brown just drove by and yelled, “No vaccine!” but nearly running down people to make your point? Nah, brah.

5 thoughts on “Modern(a) Problems

  1. I don’t understand people getting bent out of shape over a vaccine. It isn’t mandated at this point so it’s not any different than the parents that don’t get certain vaccines for their kids. Relax and take a deep breath and stop crying. (Looks like she’s been crying in her mug shot.)


  2. Sounds like she was doing some of the other pharmaceuticals that are more popular than the vax down in Tennessee……


  3. Tam – Nice. When I was driving Kyle home from school, there was a place which sold moonshine jelly. Almost stopped, but then thought again.


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