Slenderman Lives?

So this apparently happened. A bizarre-looking humanoid was found roaming the highway in Jharkland, India as traffic was slowing down to find out just what the hell this was.

A strange humanoid-like figure has been spotted strolling across a road in India – leaving witnesses convinced paranormal activity is at play.

The bizarre creature was filmed walking on a bridge at night in Jharkland, eastern India. In the video, filmed on Friday (28 May) at the newly-constructed bridge near Chadwa Dam in the Hazaribagh area, the creepy figure can be seen walking steadily along the bridge.

The gangly-looking shape appears to have long arms and legs, pale white skin, and a very skinny torso.

Motorcyclists swerve out of the way to avoid the figure which stops and stares at them, before continuing its slow walk.

I’d say this was a prank, but India is not exactly known for their humor or their practical jokes. That said, you really need to see the video at the link, because it’s completely creepy.

13 thoughts on “Slenderman Lives?

  1. I have seen the show Paranormal a couple of times and this is exactly the type of stuff they film. Really creepy.


  2. If that happened here my guess would be biden escaped from his basement & went on a troll for little girls. I just made myself sick.


  3. Ronni – Certainly stopped the motorcyclists in their tracks.

    Cathy – I’m fairly certain he has sniffed every girl in Delaware under 12-years old. I’d take my chances with the alien.


      1. About time that I beat you. You usually steal my thunder over at Antz’s place, but neither of us can hold a candle to Boggie……..


  4. I’d say Tweaker wrapped in TP.
    Did any of the people going by stop to talk to it? That might have solved the mystery.
    Maybe none f them wanted to deal with a tweaker.


  5. Tam – As long as she’s not singing, I’m okay with it.

    Veeshir – The motorcycles pulled up, stopped, and then headed on their way. I’m guessing they were too freaked out at whatever that was.


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