Democrat Assaulted At Campaign Stop

Manuel Gonzales, a New Mexico Democrat who is running for mayor of Albuquerque, was harassed and eventually assaulted during a campaign rally.

A New Mexico sheriff who is running for mayor of Albuquerque was interrupted while on stage at a campaign event by a flying drone with a sex toy attached to it and a man who punched him. Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales’ campaign said the Democrat was unharmed and “will not be intimidated.”

It’s very satisfying to hear some Democrats are now on the receiving of the BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) and Antifa playbook, especially after they downplayed the violence they wrought for years.

The Albuquerque Journal reported that a video posted on Facebook shows Gonzales answering questions from the audience while standing on a stage at an events center when the drone bearing the sex toy started buzzing near the stage.

A sheriff’s office report said the owner of the event center grabbed the device and that 20-year-old Kaelan Ashby Dreyer unsuccessfully tried to grab it.

Good grief, I hope they grabbed the drone and not the dildo.

The report said Dreyer then turned his attention to Gonzales, swinging his fist and calling him a “tyrant.” A deputy wrote that Dreyer punched Gonzales’ hands and was then removed from the event by deputies.

Obviously, this clown deserved to be arrested, but Gonzales and the Albuquerque Journal are entirely too overdramatic. The kid punched the mayor’s hands, and there were no report of injuries, so maybe Miss Streisand should get a grip.

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