Louise Fischer Takes Her Job Very Seriously

Meet Louise Fischer, a Danish radio reporter who will do anything to hop onto a story.

One radio reporter went all the way to get a scoop on a swingers club near Copenhagen when she had sex with a man she was interviewing.

Louise Fischer, 26, can be heard moaning during the on-the-record intercourse, part of a two-minute segment that aired on Radio 4 in Denmark.

Yeah, I get Denmark is the land of sex and drugs, but maybe bang the guy first, then interview him?

“I don’t have a boyfriend, that definitely made it a lot easier,” Fischer told the German publication Bild, according to a translation by the Daily Mail. “My mother just thinks it’s funny and laughs, my father thought it was really cool.”

Wow, imagine having parents who would think their daughter’s whoring is funny and cool.

The X-rated segment focused on the reopening of a swingers club named Swingland in Ishoj after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions — and Fischer discussed the reactions to her unorthodox interview style.

I cannot wait until Louise gets down and dirty with Queen Margrethe II, undercover and undressed.

9 thoughts on “Louise Fischer Takes Her Job Very Seriously

  1. I make lewd and rude comments now and then, but that’s about it. This woman is not someone I’d want to be my daughter. She is disgusting.


  2. Well given how a New York Times reporter was sleeping with a source and she didn’t get in trouble I think the Dane can apply with the NYT for a job. There is coming in with the story and cuming in the story and the twain shall not meet.


  3. Gary – We already knew journalists were hoors, but she took it to another level.

    TXNick – Well, she certainly wanted something probed.


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