People Are Stupid

Some parents want to keep their children happy by occasionally agreeing to some unrealistic requests. Most parents, unlike this dullard, would not agree to a paintball drive-by.

A 10-year-old Miami boy was shot after his father took him on a faux drive-by shooting with a paintball gun — and a frightened homeowner returned fire with real bullets.

Michael Williams, 26, allegedly gave in to his son’s pleas late Sunday to take him on a paintball “drive-by shooting,” where police said the boy fired off the unlethal rounds into a crowd gathered in the front yard of an Opa-locka home.

But the homeowner, identified as Gregory Barns, thought the gunfire was real and that “he and his family were under attack” — leading him to return fire with a real round, striking the boy.

Well, I guess it couldn’t get worse, right?

The youngster, who was not publicly identified, was then run over by his father’s van after being shot and losing his balance.

I stand corrected.

8 thoughts on “People Are Stupid

  1. How is it that stupid takes things as a challenge? I use to joke in school when I found out our driver’s ed simulators (for the young folks these were things you sat in and were connected to sensors that recorded what you did during the driver’s ed movie ((real movie in a projector)) God I’m old) were located right next to the Rifle range (yes we shot real weapons inside the school building) Someone asked what it was set up like that and I jokingly said “dude you gotta practice the drive by’s somehow” Shakes head ruefully ruefully.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – I’m sure the father blames the shooter for all this, and gives zero blame to himself.

    Gary – Maybe dad should have tried this out at the driver’s ed school first.

    TXNick – Daddy shouldn’t have reproduced.

    Cathy – You can do both, it’s okay.


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