Feel-Good Friday

Meet Patrick and Crystal Duhaney of Sothern California. The couple had a difficult time financially when their first child was born, and now they are trying to make things easier for other parents.

A generous couple has been secretly stuffing money into diaper boxes and under formula canister lids at local Targets in order to help out struggling families.

Krystal Duhaney is a registered nurse and the founder of Milky Mama. A soon-to-be mother of three, when she and her husband Patrick had their first child they realized just how expensive raising a family can be.

Now they’re in a better place financially, they can afford to give back to others—so they’ve stuffed about $1,000 in cash into various baby supplies around Los Angeles Target stores, and they’re not stopping any time soon.

“We recalled how hard it was for us as new parents to afford some of the basics and we could imagine how difficult it must be during this pandemic.”

This could make a big difference for new parents struggling to make ends meet. There are still good people in this country, and they are making America a better place.

4 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. Wonderful idea. An extra $20.00 can make a huge difference in a persons life. If you don’t believe me you have never been broke & will never experience the feeling. Don’t ever want to be there again.


  2. Sorry, gonna throw the Bovine scatology flag on this one….narcissistic publicity seekers, and somehow, illicit money laundering involved…


    1. That’s the spirit!
      She’s an RN, maybe she’s bummed her Dancin’ Nurse vids aren’t getting the hits they used to.


  3. Cathy – It took me three years to get this job after college. I was pretty much dead broke for much of that time, and was taking cash from my credit card. Not a fun time.

    Doc – I never even considered that, but I guess she cannot prove she did this, and I don’t remember seeing anyone who found a bag with money in it.

    Veeshir – I’d say I am disappointed at the skepticism, but this entire blog is full of that, so I guess it’s my fault for not trusting humanity.


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