Hello, Neumann!

So the other day Kevin came home from school with some paperwork. The paperwork was an application for the Newmann Scholars program.

The program identities students with outstanding grades and offers them the chance to take the test and submit an essay. The winners will receive a four-year scholarship to any one of seventeen Archdiocesan high schools.

Kevin’s grades have always been exceptional, and he destroyed the TerraNovas this year, which likely put him on the program’s radar. Now, I don’t necessarily expect him to be awarded the scholarship, but I absolutely believe he will do well on the test. I simply told him to do his best and we’ll see where it leads.

Kevin did very well on the test he took for the private school, but when he saw how much it cost, he told us he didn’t want to go because it would be too much of a financial burden on us. For my part, I told him if he wants to go there, we’ll make it happen. That said, a four-year ride would be a blessing, and with Kevin’s giant brain, maybe it’ll happen.

10 thoughts on “Hello, Neumann!

  1. Kevin, san: Intelligence often skips a generation. Don’t let your Dad be deterrent to your pursuit of excellence! (I kid! I’m such a kidder!)
    Do your best, Kev, it’s all any of us can do. And Good luck!


  2. Ronni – Kevin just shrugs. He’s excited about it and he’ll do his best, but if he doesn’t get it, I don’t think it’ll be the end of the world. He has told us he wants no part of Kyle and Erik’s high school. Thinking of going to my and the missus’ high school instead.

    Cathy – From an early age, we thought he was bored. He would blow through the classes and tests, then just kind of vege out. The other day he made thirty – THIRTY – small paper boats and handed them out to his friends. They were in a break, so he went nuts with paper folding.


  3. I’ve been off the radar. Did I ever mention that moving sucks more than every. It is, however, an adventure. We are in our new house and I finally have internet again, and my old house closes on June 15, so while all the boxes are here, most will remain unopened while I spend the next week cleaning the place.

    That aside, I’m with Proof on this. What he said. Congrats to mom and dad and to Kevin, don’t let anything stand in your way of an excellent education.

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  4. RG – He has to choose an essay for the private school he tested for, and an essay for the scholarship. It’ll be a busy summer for Kevin, but he can do it.


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