Racist “President” Supports Reparations

The racist, illegitimate president is currently considering creating a reparations commission for African Americans affected by slavery.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday said that President Biden backs “a number of components” of H.R. 40, legislation that would create a commission that would examine and develop proposals for reparations for African Americans.

So people who were not slaves will be getting free money from people who were not slaveowners. What could possibly go wrong?

Psaki said that the president is supportive of the bill’s funding and proposed “study, which he feels would be the next important step forward and something that he feels would be absolutely correct in addressing this moment in history.” The bill includes authorization for the appropriation of $12 million in order to carry out the Act’s provisions.

The good news is the extraordinarily wealthy members of the Congressional Black Caucus proposed the bill. I mean, if anyone needs free money from hardworking citizens, it’s the CBC, amirite?

Politico reported that Biden met on Tuesday with Congressional Black Caucus members who raised the need for the bill: “He didn’t disagree with what we’re doing,” Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan said.

The more I think about this idiocy, the more I’m for it. Steal our money and give it to those people who faced the horrors of slavery, but after the money is distributed, I never want to hear a word about slavery again. Not a peep. If your ancestors were slaves, this windfall makes everything f**king square.

15 thoughts on “Racist “President” Supports Reparations

  1. Any reparations fund must be entirely voluntary.. The government cannot be involved in doling out money or favors to member of one race over another. It violates all of our principles of civil rights.
    I think LeBron James, Oprah, Barry Obama and Jesse Jackson should lead by example and give generously.

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  2. Mike AKA Proof – Since my grandparents came here from Slovakia in the early 1900’s, well after slavery had ended, I plan to give bupkis.


  3. “I never want to hear a word about slavery again.”


    Yeah, this would be the end of it. Sure. This. This is the end point.

    It’s not enough. It’s never enough. There will never be enough. The racists will never be satisfied.


  4. CJB – I am anxiously awaiting a former slave to walk up and collect his or her money. Democrats are all about free shit, as long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line.


  5. Ingineer – Agreed. My grandparents were from Slovakia, and they were overrun by invaders for centuries – not to mention the German and Soviet atrocities. Cripes, the term “slavs” was the word for slaves, and I’m not running to Asia to demand reparations.

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  6. How much more is my family supposed to “give”?
    My family came to America in the first wave of the Pennsylvania Deutch. I’m a Son of the American Revolution. I have ancestors that fought and died in the Civil War and freed the slaves.
    I find the whole concept of “reparations” to be offensive and insulting. Especially considering that recipients of “reparations” may have had ancestors that profited from the slave trade. White men didn’t go into the African interior to take slaves. They bought them from other Africans who had enslaved them after winning battles/wars.
    So tell me how do we keep “reparations” out of the hands of the descendants of actual slave traders?
    If anyone deserves “reparations” it’s the descendants of those that fought and died in the Civil War; but you don’t see any of us with our hands out.


    1. It’s always amusing to me how the Left blatantly refuses to give credit to all the white soldiers who fought and died for their freedom, as if it never really happened. 360,222 Union soldiers died to give them their freedom.

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  7. Well, the way I see it, if it can be proven that a business or institution directly benefitted from slavery still exists today, I don’t mind holding them responsible for reparations… Now I’m not sure if there are any cotton plantations anymore, but I do know that the largest functional institution that was directly responsible for slavery and still exists today is the Democrat party. Lets just take a collection from all its members and call it a day.

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  8. Let’s see who won’t pay…The Democratic party who held the most slaves and did their best to keep it, the tribal leaders in Africa who sold those they captured in war to get rid of rival tribes and any of the people of institutions who condoned it, encouraged it and profited from it. No who pays it those of us who were not involved, condemned it, fought to end it. You want reparations then get them from those who did and not those who didn’t. And when you get them I say that’s it no more any free anything from taxpayers and if you try to claim stuff after you get deported back to where you’re ancestors were taken.


  9. My family has already paid reparations, in blood. My great-great-great grandfather fought for the Union and was killed at Fredericksburg, and I have the documentation to prove it. The ONLY way I would go for this scam is if the $$ came with a one way ticket back to Africa.

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