A True Ride Along

You know, if you’re being pursued by police cars for alleged drug possession, it’s probably a better idea to keep driving instead of say, hiding in the worst possible. Yes Virginia, there are morons in Britain.

A driver being pursued by police pulled over, ran from his car and hid – in a police station.

Thames Valley Police saw the funny side of the incident, tweeting: “We were worried when a driver stopped his car and ran to a building to hide… “Luckily that building was Aylesbury Police Station!”

Using the thumbs-up emoji, it said the station’s front counter had since reopened to the public “and anyone looking to hide from police”. It added a “number of small items” were thrown inside the station and it had closed briefly so they could be recovered.

I cannot wait until this toad lights a building on fire and runs into the nearest firehouse.

5 thoughts on “A True Ride Along

  1. That’s so brilliant! That’s the last place they’d look!
    I saw it on an episode of the A-Team and it worked great for them, I can’t figure out why it didn’t work this time.


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