Awful Judge Is Awfully Lucky

Meet Philadelphia Family Court Judge Lyris Younge. Younge is a corrupt, tyrannical jurist who spent much of her career belittling and demeaning those who appeared before her.

A Philadelphia Family Court judge was suspended for six months without pay after a state disciplinary tribunal issued an opinion concluding that her “repeated, clearly improper conduct,” which included wrongfully jailing multiple people and failing to be impartial, was “blatant and inexcusable.”

In a succinct six-page ruling, an eight-judge panel on the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline said that Judge Lyris Younge’s abuses of power, repeated demeaning of people appearing before her, and overall interference with litigants’ rights was unprecedented “because of the extent of Judge Younge’s misconduct in these areas.”

Witnesses brought before the tribunal “testified to the havoc Judge Younge had wreaked in their lives with her imperious actions,” the ruling said, noting that on two occasions Younge baselessly ordered people jailed “when such treatment was improper under the law.”

So Younge “allegedly” verbally attacked and jailed these people without cause, and her punishment is a six-month suspension without pay? This woman should be fired and charged, but alas, the United States has a two-tier justice system. One for the elites, and another for the rest of us.

In my opinion, Lyris Younge truly typifies the rapid decline of Philadelphia’s justice system.

7 thoughts on “Awful Judge Is Awfully Lucky

  1. Judicial Qualified Immunity.

    A rule that is not found in any law or Constitution, entirely created by Judges to protect Judges.


  2. Let’s hope the people she wronged get together get a good lawyer and they sue both her and the city.


  3. RD – They protect their own. Deep State isn’t just in Washington.

    Gary- Better be outside the city, because the justice system is utterly corrupt.

    MelP. – Lulz


  4. Another instance of do as I say not as I do (or am supposed to do). At least she is off the bench for a while.


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