Condensing The Milky Way

A woman named Phoebe Rodgers from Linconshire, Britain (that’s not her, it’s Kate Winslet) has set up a GoFundMe account so people can donate to her breast reduction surgery. Phoebe is hauling around 34HH breasts, and is now unhappy that men are congratulating her on her fabulous boobs.

A young woman who was refused NHS treatment for a breast reduction say she has been bombarded with “horrible” and “degrading” messages from sleazy men after launching an online fundraiser for the op.

Phoebe Rodgers, 24, says she created a GoFundMe page to raise £4,000 for the surgery after being told by her GP that she just needed to lose weight to reduce the size of her 34HH bust. But many of the responses she’s had, she says, are from men who say they will only donate in exchange for topless photos.

Okay first, guys are always going to say that because most men are obsessed with breasts. Not me, of course, but… um, other guys. Second, why is she trying to raise money if her doctor told her losing weight would do the trick?

Phoebe, from Spalding in Lincolnshire, said she’s been inundated with seedy requests.

“The worst bit is when you get people messaging saying ‘I’ll donate to your GoFundMe page if you send me a picture of your t**s’, it happens all the time.”

Well Phoebe, you have a choice. You can send people photos – since you’re effectively topless at the link anyway – and have the money roll in, or you can whine about misogynistic men and watch your cash dry up. It’s neither rocket surgery nor boob science.

4 thoughts on “Condensing The Milky Way

  1. Keep on crying about the horrid men who want a picture of boobs. Go ahead & whine. With that attitude you will never have a good man in your life.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – Maybe she’s running a side grift… as well as the breast grift.

    Cathy – Absolutely true. My first girlfriend was very skinny with small boobs. Loved them. The missus is busty. Love them too. It’s what guys do.


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