The Eyes Are A Window To No Soul

A male school vision specialist is being sued after two families claimed he placed his genitals in the hands of elementary school students during eye exams.

In a federal civil lawsuit filed by two families, a school vision specialist is accused of sexually abusing two 8-year-old, legally blind girls, including putting his penis in their hands, The Associated Press reports.

According to the lawsuit, three separate molestations occurred when the specialist was alone with each girl in a windowless room with the door closed. During 2018, he allegedly fondled the chest of one of the girls. In a second incident with that child, he allegedly blocked her already impaired vision with occluders and then placed his penis in her hand, AP reports. In 2019, he was allegedly with the other girl in the same room, again used occluders and then placed his penis in her hand and around her mouth. Both girls told him they were uncomfortable and removed the occluders as he zipped his pants.

I mean, we can probably push aside the Constitution in this case, and just give this piece of filth the death penalty, right?

7 thoughts on “The Eyes Are A Window To No Soul

  1. An 8 year old blind child? Blind fold & gag him. Now give the parents a baseball bat & let them go at him.


  2. Cathy – There’s a scene in Phantasm II where a villain is thrown into the crematorium. I think that’s a pretty good punishment for this a-hole.


  3. I used to work with a man that was in the Navy for years, then a cop, followed by being an investigator for welfare fraud. Back when Target was patting themselves on the back for letting males into the ladies bathroom, I asked him once what would do if he caught a male following one of his granddaughters into the ladies room. He just smiled & said I have a CCW permit.


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