They Likely Munched On Lead Paint Chips

A dumbass (hopefully sterile) teenager was captured lying on the railroad tracks playing on her phone in Horsham, West Sussex. As you can see above, her friend is equally idiotic.

A TEENAGE girl has been caught on CCTV lying in the middle of a railway while on her phone. The shocking picture has been released by Network Rail in a plea to keep youngsters away from the tracks.

The image, captured by CCTV at a level crossing near Horsham in West Sussex, shows the teen lying down, while her friend is distracted by her phone.

Trains reach speeds of 85mph on that section of track.

Notice the gate is down. I have had the misfortune of responding to train versus human incidents, and the body parts are strewn for more than a mile, because it takes a while for the train to stop.

There have been a few similar stories like this in the last few months, and I am always disappointed that none of these dullards are ever struck by the train. You see one or two hit, and maybe people start waking up.

7 thoughts on “They Likely Munched On Lead Paint Chips

  1. Remember a couple of years ago when idiots in America would do “die ins” in stores? The anti-gun ones were bad enough, but the anti-oil ones were funnier than hell. They’d lay down in their expensive sneakers & then play on their phones. The funny part? Guess what those shoes & phones were partially made of. If you said oil, you win a cookie.


  2. Gary – I don’t see the point. Doesn’t look like the other girl took her picture, and I can’t tell if she took a selfie, so why bother?

    MelP – The North Face refused to sell jackets for an oil company, because OilCompanyBad. The CEO had to remind North Face most of their clothing is made of fossil fuels. The CEO then initiated a PR campaign called, “Thank You, North Face.”


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