Well, Japan Isn’t Fun Anymore

Japanese legislators have created their first law regulating crossbow possession. Great job guys, I assume you’ll ban nunchucks, ninja swords and throwing stars next.

Surprisingly, despite spelling out rules and regulations regarding all sorts of weaponry, Japan’s Firearm and Sword Control Law apparently had no preexisting rules, specifically no specific ordinances, relating to crossbows, of either the two-handed or single-handed pistol crossbow/bowgun variety, perhaps because crossbows are technically neither firearms or swords. As a result, up to now there’s been no specific licensing required for their possession or use. Much like in a fantasy role-playing video game, if you had enough money to pay for a crossbow, you could buy one and use it as you personally saw fit.

That’ll be changing soon, though, as the House of Representatives passed a motion to amend the Firearm and Sword Control Law, and once it goes into effect Japanese residents will need a permit from their Prefectural Public Safety Commission in order to possess a crossbow. The requirement is modeled after one already in place for air rifle ownership, which requires the completion of safety classes and for the owner to be at least 18 years of age.

Eighteen years of age? How the hell are young children going to avenge their murdered parents without getting their hands on crossbows? You’re killing the culture, you dolts!

7 thoughts on “Well, Japan Isn’t Fun Anymore

  1. More weirdos.
    Hello! Is everyone outside enjoying beautiful weather. In between load of laundry & sitting on the deck reading.


  2. Revenge is best served cold so if they wait it just gets colder. But when asked how many crossbows the Ninja had the answer was a loud thwip as the trigger was pulled and the asker died.


  3. Cathy – Rode nine miles on my bike after work in 45 minutes. My endurance is getting better.

    Gary – The Bride would agree with you… if you saw Kill Bill.


  4. Forget 18 for a crossbow, 18 for a bb gun? And you have to take a safety class?
    I got mine around 10 or so and it taught me gun safety.
    Has there been a rash of crossbowings or did they just a sliver of trusting their subjects?


  5. Mike AKA Proof – They’ll move their forever masks up toward their eyes before shooting.

    Veeshir – Ninjas, man. Freakin’ ninjas. We had bb guns when we were kids and we would shoot our friends in the back literally every day.


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