You Better Run

Pittsburgh’s Parkway West was shut down for two hours after a man tried to sprint across six lanes to catch his Uber ride.

Part of the inbound Parkway West was shut down for hours Friday afternoon following a crash that killed a pedestrian near the Fort Pitt Tunnel.

Pennsylvania State Police confirmed a 32-year-old man who was crossing the westbound lanes into the eastbound lanes was struck by a vehicle and killed.

Police said the man was attempting to cross six lanes of traffic to get to an Uber vehicle that was waiting for him. He was struck by a vehicle in the center lane.

Couldn’t the man just call the Uber driver and ask him to pick him up?

State police said the driver of that vehicle stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation.

While the man’s death is horrible, the good news is he almost beat the high score for Frogger!

4 thoughts on “You Better Run

      1. Me three. Good thing Darwin went to the Galapagos instead of Philly. Upon arrival, he would have thrown up his hands and said, “Enh, I’ll stick with God, thanks.”

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